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Welcome to California's First Dry Needling Clinic

Your Journey Back To A Pain-Free Life

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What Sets Us Apart

Individualized Approach

At Restore Pelvic Health and Dry Needling Clinic, we know that everyone has a unique body. That is why it is one of our foremost priorities to never take a one-size-fits-all approach for every patient. We treat each patient as a distinct individual with tailored needs.

Integrative Therapy

At Restore Pelvic Health and Dry Needling Clinic, we deliver results by practicing holistic personalized approach with preventive herbal medicine. In order to enable collaborative care, we analyze the pain of the patient to find an effective solution to their individual problem.

Diagnostic Certainty

We make you an active participant in the diagnostic process to determine the best possible outcome for you. Our specialists take time to listen and understand your problem. Instead of just patching up the symptoms, we identify the root of your condition.

Years of Experience

Dr. Jamie Hampton has years of experience to back her highly reliable services. Her specialization is in the management of complex pain cases and orthopedics.
Ever since she started practicing, she has successfully treated tens
of thousands of patients.

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through Orthopedic Acupuncture utilizing Dry Needling.

No two cases are the same and there is no one answer to solving
your individual chronic pain and discomfort.


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